Maritime Constructions

Maritime Construction

We’re at the forefront of the maritime constructions industry in Western Australia and have been for over 50 years. Our maritime constructions are available for both the government and private sectors as we’re certified to construct anything from yacht clubs and jetties to boardwalks, marinas and quays.


Having been working within Western Australia waters for almost a century, we know its conditions and constructional constraints better than anyone. Specializing in marine and jetty construction and being proficient building on the Swan River and its neighboring waters as well as full scale marinas, is what makes us the best choice for your offshore endeavors. Our longstanding position in the industry means that we’ve had the time to develop valuable strategic partnerships, we work together with our affiliated companies to produce the best possible maritime constructions for our clients.


We’re qualified and skilled to conduct all aspects of marine and jetty construction, from constructing complete maritime projects and to simple refurbishment works, we can do it all. Our experts are even available for consulting to help you design and build the best possible marine structure. Examples of construction projects and services we’re proficient in include:

    • Barge hire, including tugs and pile drivers
    • Jetty maintenance
    • Blast and coating
    • Consulting marine works
    • Jetty complete installation
    • Pile installation
    • Mooring piles and brackets
    • Pontoons and gangways / floating and fixed
    • Steel fabrications
    • Civil works including sand removal and exaction works
    • Concrete works as well as demolition works


Our maritime constructions team is comprised of highly trained personnel who are not only vastly experienced in offshore construction but passionate about the projects they’re a part of. JMC have fleets of floating barges, piling barges and workboats. When undertaking jetty and marine construction we can provide any material for construction ranging from concrete, steel, aluminum & FRP.


We have a proven portfolio of successfully delivered marine construction projects that demonstrate our premium grade building abilities. Some of our most recent marine construction projects include:

    • Claremont Yacht Club
    • Busselton Jetty
    • Artificial Reef Deployment
    • Little Creatures, Fremantle
    • Dunsborough Shark Net


We’re able to complete maritime constructions of all magnitudes, from developing commercial wharfs to building private jetties. Our marine construction team includes jetty builders who can assist with anything from private jetties for residential properties to collaborating with government bodies to build jetties for public use.


Planning a maritime construction project and would like to discuss the details with one of our professionals? Contact us today, we’re always happy to provide you with information over the phone or schedule a time to meet in person.