Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Barge Transportation

Do Jetty and Marine Constructions offer barge hire?

We certainly do. We have one of the largest heavy barge fleets in the south-west of WA that are available for hire to businesses requiring transportation of goods including both heavy and light cargo.

Our service doesn’t just include barge hire. We can move, lift, advise or coordinate all marine logistic movements and all equipment can be wet or dry.

What capacity can the barges take?

The vessels available as part of our barge hire service can take up to approximately 150 tonne loads and lengths in excess of 30m. No height restrictions apply.

What are the dimensions of the barges?

We have a variety of barges for hire from small self-propelled barges to large flat top barges, 21m length x 8m width for example.

To find the right barge hire option for your needs, it’s best to give our marine construction experts a call on 0431 625 897.

What loads can be lifted with your lifting cranes?

Barge hire at Jetty and Marine Constructions includes the option for a purpose built Hiab which can lift up to 8 tonne.

Alternatively, there is also a large crane-barge available which can lift in excess of 15 tonne of weight, depending on the radius required.

What is the cost of barge hire?

Costs are dependent on a number of factors including the scope and scale of the work, location, size of barge etc.

Contact us for a customised quote for barge hire based on your individual requirements.


What is jetty piling?

Piling is an essential step in any marine construction, especially when building jetties and piers.

Piling is the procedure of setting deep foundations into the ground, usually using wood, steel or concrete. This creates a robust and stable base for construction to commence.

More information on jetty piling can be found here.

Do Jetty and Marine Constructions carry out piling works?

Yes, we certainly do. We offer a range of marine piling services and can customize our piling solutions to fit your construction project needs.

We have multiple barges that can undertake pile-driving, from small diameter piles to piles in excess of 700mm diameter.

Find out more about our piling services here.

What length of pile can Jetty and Marine Constructions drive?

The barges available as part of our jetty piling service can drive over 20m in a single length in shallow water. This length can be even greater in deeper water.

What is the cost of the piling service?

No two jetty piling projects are the same. With this in mind, the cost of our piling service is determined by the scope, scale and location of the project.

Our construction experts are on hand to discuss your project and build a customised quote, simply contact us.

Other Services

Can Jetty and Marine Constructions provide tug boat services?

We offer full crew and vessel hire for all tug boat requirements.

Our staff have over 50 years’ experience in this area around the Fremantle ports and along the Swan River.

From small vessel retrieval to large scale construction movements, our tug boat service will have your next project covered.

Can Jetty and Marine Constructions offer underwater diving services?

We provide full underwater commercial diving services, including personnel, expertise and resources to complete undersea activities and engineering tasks.

This service can include the design, construction and management services necessary to see your underwater project through to successful completion.

Contact us to find out more about this service.

Do you have more questions? Simply give our team of marine construction experts a call on 0431 625 897.