Floating Pontoons & Jetties

Floating Pontoons & Jetties

Is your business operating in or around the water? At Jetty and Marine Constructions, we supply and install a wide range of floating pontoons and floating jetties for a variety of businesses working at sea waterfronts including yacht clubs, ports, mining businesses, marinas, government sectors and other construction companies. We provide customised floating jetties designed with durable decking materials such as high quality piles, HDPE sleeves, caps, service pedestals, lighting and ramps. Not only are our pontoons fully compliant with Australian standards, but they’re also constructed to suit your specific space and site requirements.

JMC can provide private residential pontoons up to full scale marinas that require floating pontoons. The pontoons are fabricated locally allowing for ease of installation as well as having stock available locally,

For more information about our floating pontoons and jetties, or for all other enquiries, please contact us today.